Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Strapmark have been supplying semi automatic strapping machines for nearly 40 years. These are highly cost effective and reliable.

Strapping Machines are used to strap or bundle items together such as cartons using polypropylene strapping. Machine strap is normally blue or clear (white) and comes in 3000m length rolls and has a breaking strain of approximately 100kg. Strapping Machines with their adjustable tension put a nice tight strap around a carton or box and heat seals the strap to form a join in the strap.

Strapping items together can save you money in freight costs, as many freight company’s charge per item they pick up or deliver. These strapping machines are portable for added convenience and can be rolled to any desired location.

The semi automatic strapping machine is a simple piece of warehouse equipment that anyone can use. It straps at a quick speed with high efficiency. Simply place your item for strapping onto the table, feed the strap around the item and into the strapping head, which hits a trigger, that pulls the strap back in reverse which tensions and heat seals then cuts the strap. Then it feeds the next piece of strap ready for the next item to be strapped.