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Timber & Forestry

Strapmark has built long term relationships and proudly supplied leading companies in the Timber & Forestry industry for nearly 40 years. We can assist with a diverse range of products including plantation marker, log tags, steel strapping and tools, ball markers and inks, hardwood staples, labels and cardboard corners just to name a few.

Our Key Account Manager has over 20 years’ experience working with this sector and  looks after all Timber & Forestry Accounts to ensure we can source the most appropriate products and meet the individual needs of each business.

Our products are designed and made to unitise and palletise timber packs, frames, trusses, firewood bundles, hardwood, softwood, panels & MDF for secure transport.

At Strapmark we work with our customers and specialise in finding the right packaging equipment and consumables to withstand the harsh environments and transport conditions that the timber industry requires. In an industry with heavy duty, industrial applications you need the best quality products, tools & machines to protect your valuable products.

Plantation & Forestry Marking Paint

dymark spray writer green spray paint

This toluene-free formula is ideal for all natural and cut timber applications. It will mark wet surfaces without cracking or peeling. It’s unique formulation reduces spray drift allowing maximum accuracy of spray pattern.

This product is ideal for the forestry and timber processing industries, however it is also suitable for marking masonry and concrete.

Full range of colours available.

Code Description Unit
37023501 Spray Writer Black Can 350g
37023502 Spray Writer Red Can 350g
37023503 Spray Writer Blue Can 350g
37023504 Spray Writer Green Can 350g
37023505 Spray Writer Yellow Can 350g
37023506 Spray Writer Orange Can 350g
37023508 Spray Writer Violet Can 350g
37023511 Spray Writer White Can 350g
37023522 Spray Writer Fluro Red Can 350g
37023523 Spray Writer Fluro Blue Can 350g
37023524 Spray Writer Fluro Green Can 350g
37023525 Spray Writer Fluro Yellow Can 350g
37023526 Spray Writer Fluro Orange Can 350g
37023529 Spray Writer Fluro Pink Can 350g

Steel, PET and High Tensile Strapping

steel strapping rolls

Strapmark are able to offer a range of steel strapping, PET strapping and high tensile strapping for the timber industry. As applications and weights vary so much, we encourage you to call our team to discuss the most appropriate strapping option for your application.

Tackers & Staplers

hand stapler

Strapmark offers a full range of Tackers and Staplers. We also supply a range of staples including polymer staples. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Sheet Plastics

timber protection sheet

Strapmark are able to supply rolls of U-Fold plastic specifically for wrapping packs of timber. We also offer centre fold and sheet plastics.

Strapping Tools Manual & Battery Operated

industrial tool

Strapmark supply a full range of manual tools for all types of strapping.

A Steel Strapping Combination Tool is the perfect manual steel strapping tool for high tensile strapping. Robust, reliable, simple & cost effective, it is ideally used as a low volume, high tensile, steel strapping tool or as a back-up tool.

You can pick up this tool and use it anywhere, anytime as it operates without the need of a power source or any secondary tools.

Battery operated tools are also available in a range of models. These are lightweight and offer high seal efficiency.

Log Tags & Labels

Lyttleton logs

Strapmark can assist timber mills with a wide range of log tags and labels to suit a variety of applications. Our premium tags and tickets have been developed specifically for harsh environments and are proven to last in extreme weather conditions – from heavy rain to harsh sunlight and everything in between.

As well as different materials and varying thicknesses, there are a range of colour options available, for identification of your logs or for treated timber tickets.

We can also work with businesses to find the right industrial thermal printer to allow labels and tags to be printed in house.

Leviathan Lumber Crayons

industrial crayons

Strapmark stock Leviathan Lumber Crayons, an industry favourite, for use to mark timber, concrete and bitumen. Leviathan Lumber Crayons are Waterproof and available in 5 colours (Black, Red, White, Yellow, Blue) and 3 fluoro colours (Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Red, Fluoro Magenta).

Fluoro orange marks are sensor recognisable with some automatic saws and dockers.

Australian Made

Code Description Unit
12020301 NO 3 Leviathan Crayons Black Box 12
12020302 NO 3 Leviathan Crayons Red Box 12
12020303 NO 3 Leviathan Crayons Blue Box 12
12020304 NO 3 Leviathan Crayons Green Box 12
12020305 NO 3 Leviathan Crayons Yellow Box 12
12020311 NO 3 Leviathan Crayons White Box 12
12020326 NO 3 Leviathan Crayons Fl/Orange Box 12

Survey/Flagging Tape

survey tape

Strapmark can assist with supply of Survey/Flagging Tape

  • 25mm x 100m roll
    Suitable for marking out in mining, construction, surveying, forestry and numerous other applications
    High quality and durable
    Hand tearable
    Ideal for use with survey pins for highly visible marks


Brochure: Survey/Flagging Tape

Code Description Unit
47760129 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Glo Pink 10 Rolls/Carton
47760126 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Glo Orange 10 Rolls/Carton
47760122 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Glo Red 10 Rolls/Carton
47760123 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Glo Blue 10 Rolls/Carton
47760124 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Glo Green 10 Rolls/Carton
47760125 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Glo Yellow 10 Rolls/Carton
47760106 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Orange 10 Rolls/Carton
47760111 25mm x 100m Flag Tape White 10 Rolls/Carton
47760104 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Green 10 Rolls/Carton
47760102 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Red 10 Rolls/Carton
47760103 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Blue 10 Rolls/Carton
47760105 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Yellow 10 Rolls/Carton
47760133 25mm x 100m Flag Tape Blue/White Stripe (Ctn 12) 12 Rolls/Carton

Timber Brander

Designed to mark timber grade, company logo and mill number along lengths and across packs of timber
Prints your message 100mm wide with repeats every 155mm
Made from cast aluminium for extra durability and strength
Use with R600 Multi-Purpose Ink

Code Description Unit
SW100-AU-388HT Timber Brander 100mm AU-388 HT complete with Drum Single

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