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Strapmark has an established relationship with many of the leading craft brewers, wineries, and distilleries in Tasmania. Being a local company allows us to establish the specific requirements for each business; whether it be a new distillery producing its very first batch of gin or an established winery who now needs to purchase a pallet wrapping machine.

Tasmania has a long and proud history of brewing, distilling and wine making. Tasmania’s pure water, cool climate and a local passion to produce the highest quality products has seen a bespoke distilling, wine and brewing industry establish itself within Tasmania.

As a company we enjoy nothing more than seeing our customers businesses grow and being able to meet their packaging and equipment requirements as this happens.

Bubble Wrap

Strapmark offers a full range of protective bubble wrap. This is an excellent option to ensure your whisky or gin arrives at it’s destination in one piece. A variety of options are available including custom slit and perforated rolls to reduce waste and enhance packing efficiency.



Kraft Protective Paper

Our Kraft Protective Paper is a sustainable alternative to traditional bubble wrap. 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The unique honeycomb cell shape creates an interlocking web that cushions your bottles to ensure they arrive at their destination safely.

Bio Fill

Bio fill is 100% produced from natural, biodegradable starch. This is an environmentally friendly void fill. Bio fill is 100% compostable. It is also dust, odour and static free.

Cardboard Cartons

Strapmark stock a range of cartons specifically for distilleries. Our single,double and quadruple bottle shipper is ideal for online or in distillery purchases. These cartons suit most 700/750mL bottle and allow extra room for protective packaging.

Strapmark can also offer a custom printed tape which not only increases your marketing and branding but doubles as a security seal on your valuable product.

We also have several smaller cartons which are perfect for 200ml or sample bottles.

Our team can also assist you in designing your own printed carton.

Packaging Tapes

We supply Tasmania’s leading distilleries, winery and breweries with a range of packaging tapes. This includes our rubber based adhesive tape hand rolls and machine rolls. Strapmark stock a wide range of messaged tapes and labels, such as Fragile tape to ensure your products arrive safely.

In addition we offer a paper based tape an an eco friendly alternative. This range also includes a paper based fragile tape.

The team at Strapmark can help with custom/branded printed tapes. These not only act as a security seal on your valuable products but they further enhance your branding.


Pallet Wrap

We supply a wide range of High Performance Stretch Wraps. Black wrap or security film can be particularly useful for breweries and distilleries.

Our high performance stretch wrap has been developed using innovative technology that allow us to produce a thin and very strong nine layer film.

Durable and puncture resistant to contain heavy or irregular loads

Unique 9 layer cast film

Hi-stick formula to optimise stability and the amount of film required for each pallet during transport

State-of-the-art technology provides consistent, reliable quality

Available in hand and machine rolls.

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