polyester composite strapping coil

Composite Strapping & Tools

Composite strapping is a soft and pliable strapping that has filaments running through the strap to create a high tensile strength. Composite strapping is designed to protect your goods, employees and customer from damage and injuries while providing maximum load containment strength. It has no sharp edges when cut, and it does not spring back like steel banding.

Composite Strapping – Features/Benefits:
• Heavy duty – 980kg breaking strength
• Five times lighter than steel strapping allowing for ease and flexibility of use.
• The soft and flexible texture of the strapping protects the most sensitive products.
• No more damaged products, downtime and OHS issues.
• Easily disposable due to its lightweight and flexible nature.

Composite Strapping – Applications:
• Does not corrode or rust like steel so suitable for outdoor applications
• Used where safety is priority
• Suitable for strapping fragile products that hard strapping may damage