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Strapmark has a range of products to meet the specific needs of our aquaculture customers.

The Tasmanian aquaculture industry is world renowned for supplying the highest quality seafood around the globe. Whether you are exporting salmon, crayfish, abalone, eels or any other treasures of  the sea, we have products that will work for your business and protect your valuable product.

Gel Packs

cold chain solutions

When independently tested against competitors, the Sancell Protecta Chill Gel Packs achieve faster freeze times and prolonged thaw times. Faster freeze times means your valuable freezer space is not tied up with excess Gel Pack stock, this allows room for the real heroes of your business – your products.

Prolonged thaw times mean temperature sensitive goods will remain protected longer during transit, this ensures your goods arrive at their destination fresh and ready to use.

Code Description Unit
FGG1000GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 1Kg Carton of 14 Carton
FGG750GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 750g Carton of 16 Carton
FGG700GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 700g Carton of 18 Carton
FGG0500GNBS003 GP PROCHILL 500g Carton of 28 Carton
FGG0300GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 300g Carton of 44 Carton
FGG1250GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 1.25 Kg Carton of 12 Carton

Bubble Gel Packs

bubble gel packs

Gel packs are available with a protective bubble barrier. The bubble helps to maintain uniform surface temperature. The bubble also offers superior protection for delicate seafood such as crayfish and abalone.

Code Description Unit
FGG1250GBUS001 GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1.25kg 200mm x300mm (10 per box Carton
FGG1000GBUS001 GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1kg 200mm x320mm (12 per box) Carton
FGG0500GBUS001 GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 500g 151mm x220mm (20 per box) Carton
FGG0300GPBUS001 GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 300g 150mm x150mm (32 per box) Carton

Specialised Labels & Printed Tapes

Shipping barcode label sticker template

Strapmark supply a range of labels and printed tapes across the aquaculture industry. Whether it be a simple plain shipper label, a customised Rip a Label or a specialised Chinese export label we are able to assist.

Strapmark are able to provide thermal printing solutions for aquaculture businesses allowing labels to be printed in house.

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