Thermal Labels

Strapmark can supply a broad range of blank thermal transfer and thermal direct labels and tags. We hold a wide variety of label sizes in stock. In addition we are also able to custom make labels and tags (subject to minimum order quantities) .

In addition to blank labels, we can also custom produce over print labels. This allows you to have a printed label which you can then overprint with your variable information eg Nutrition Panel or Barcode.

We supply hundreds of businesses including within the food industry, timber, horticulture and aquaculture with custom labels to suit a variety of applications.

We can supply labels and tags with specialised adhesives such as freezer proof, weather proof and removable. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can source the best label for you.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer printing uses a heat-sensitive ribbon which ‘transfers’ the ink onto the label material when it comes into contact with the thermal printhead

Thermal Transfer creates a permanent, crisp print which is more durable when compared to thermal direct, making it ideal for long-life product labelling, and for products stored outdoors or in direct sunlight.

Labels come on a variety of core sizes and roll lengths to suit various thermal printers. If you can’t find the label or core size you need on our web site, please give us a call as more often than not we can find the label you need.

Example of an Over Print Label

Code Description Unit
644202 40mm x 15mm 2500 LPR 40mm core Single
624108 40mm x 28mm SYN 1250 LPR 40mm core Single
624201 40mm x 28mm 1600 LPR 40mm core Single
624107 50mm x 40mm SYN 1200 LPR 40mm core Single
624205 100mm x 40mm 1000 LPR 40mm core Single
624204 100mm x 71mm 650 LPR 40mm core Single
627117 40mm x 28mm SYN 5000 LPR 76mm core Single
627210 40mm x 28mm 5000 LPR 76mm core Single
627118 50mm x 40mm SYN 3000 LPR 76mm core Single
627211 75mm x 48mm 2370 LPR 76mm core Single
627212 100mm x 40mm 4500 LPR 76mm core Single
627213 100mm x 71mm 2030 LPR76mm core Single
627214 100mm x 101.6mm 1400 LPR 76mm core Single
627215 100mm x 125mm 1180 LPR 76mm core Single
627282 103mm x 150mm Perforated 980LPR 76mm core Single

Thermal Direct Labels

A direct thermal printer prints by applying heat directly to the material eg the blank label. It does not use any ribbon, ink or toner, but it requires a special type of heat-sensitive material that blackens when heat is applied.

Because the label material is heat sensitive, it fades and the label can become hard to read and scan over time. In addition, direct thermal labels are sensitive to abrasions and exposure to water, chemicals, and strong sunlight.

For these reasons, direct thermal printing is not the best choice for long-term use. By the same token, direct thermal printing still provides a sufficient lifetime for many applications.

In general, direct thermal is best for applications that require a label that needs to last less than six months, such as shipping labels, receipts, tickets, and labels for perishable goods.

Code Description Unit
614206 40x15 P/TD 2500LPR 40mm Single
614205 40x24 P/TD 1500LPR 40mm Single
614001 40x28 R/TD 1250LPR 40mm Single
614204 40x28 P/TD 1250LPR 40mm Single
614203 40x46 P/TD 1200LPR 40mm Single
614202 40x62 P/TD 800LPR 40mm Single
614208 50x28 P/TD 1250LPR 40mm Single
614207 50x92 P/TD 1000LPR 40mm Single
614210 100x60 P/TD 700LPR 40mm Single
614211 100x101.6 P/TD 400LPR 40mm Single
614281 103x150 P/TD 300LPR PERF 40mm Single
617215 48x61 P/TD 2500LPR 76mm Single
617214 48x83 P/TD 2000LPR 76mm Single
617216 49x99 P/TD 1800LPR 76mm Single
617217 100x60 P/TD 2500LPR 76mm Single
617218 100x101.6 P/TD 1400LPR 76mm Single
617282 103x150 P/TD 1000LPR ECO PERF 76mm Single
617283 146x206 P/TD 700LPR PERF 76mm Single
617284 1103X150 P/TD YELLOW 1000LPR PERF Single

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