Protective Expanding Sleeves

Environmentally Friendly

Simple and fast to use
Deep and strong padding 10mm
Passes the LB bottle drop test from 1metre
Resist static side compress 25kg+
Pure paper fibres, provides a good quality component from recyclers

Renewable100% paper from responsibly sourced fibre
As pure paper, Protective Expanding Sleeves are broken down naturally where moisture and natures organisms are present
Plastic replacement
Protective Expanding Sleeves can be used as a direct replacement for bubble wrap and other plastic based packing products
Other reason to use Protective Expanding Sleeves:
Less storage space
No product sweating
No cutting tools or knives required
Easier for the end client to recycle
Easy to reuse & store

Protective Expanding Sleeves

Protective Expanding Sleeves can also be cut down to size. This makes them suitable for ceramics, jars and bottles.

Code Description Unit
PKPS0700350 PKP SLEEVES 350mm W (250/box) Box (250 Pieces)
PKPS0700450 PKP SLEEVES 450mm W (250/box) Box 250 Pieces)

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