Portable Scales

Strapmark supply a range of high quality, high accuracy scales for a variety of industries.

We supply a selection of premium-quality top loading and precision balances for quality control testing, manufacturing and production processes.

Precision balances offer high resolutions up to 0.001g and are the preferred choice for many weighing professionals due to their ease of use, practicality and scope of weighing modes.

These balances are constructed using top-quality, damage-resistant materials and can efficiently perform tasks such as:

  • formulation,
  • density determination,
  • purity analysis,
  • quality control,
  • packaging and filling, and
  • materials and conformance testing.

Portable precision balances feature a compact, lightweight design and are often used for conducting field experiments where mains power is unavailable.

These high quality scales make it easy to perform high-precision weighing and achieve accurate results. Many of our balances come with data output and tracking capabilities to allow system integration for GLP compliance.

Portable Scales

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