dymark spray and mark spray paint

Spray & Mark

Spray & Mark offers a high visibility and true colour pigment paint. This high quality paint can be used in the construction, landscaping, civil works and surveying industries.

Spray and Mark’s unique spray pattern is specifically designed for spot marking as well as “writing” applications.

Reduced toxicity marking paint for a safer workplace
Low VOC and low odour, toluene-free formula
Brighter colour range for highly visible marks
Ideal for use on concrete, bitumen, steel, timber and grass
Suitable for use with Dy-Mark’s Long Arm Handle and Spot Marking Handle

Spray & Mark Paint

dymark spray and mark spray paint

Spray & Mark offers a high visibility and true colour pigment paint

12 x 350g Cans/Carton. Smaller quantities available on request.

Code Description Unit
40013501 Spray & Mark Black 350g Carton 12
40013502 Spray & Mark Red 350g Carton 12
40013503 Spray & Mark Blue 350g Carton 12
40013504 Spray & Mark Green 350g Carton 12
40013505 Spray & Mark Yellow 350g Carton 12
40013506 Spray & Mark Orange 350g Carton 12
40013511 Spray & Mark White 350g Carton 12
40013513 Spray & Mark Grey 350g Carton 12
40013522 Spray & Mark Fluro Red 350g Carton 12
40013523 Spray & Mark Fluro Blue 350g Carton 12
40013524 Spray & Mark Fluro Green 350g Carton 12
40013525 Spray & Mark Fluro Yellow 350g Carton 12
40013526 Spray & Mark Fluro Orange 350g Carton 12
40013528 Spray & Mark Fluro Violet 350g Carton 12
40013529 Spray & Mark Fluro Pink 350g Carton 12
40013558 Spray & Mark Violet 350g Carton 12


Strapmark have proudly distributed the full Dy-Mark range for over 35 years. Full Dy-Mark range is available.


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