cold chain solutions

Thermal Gel Packs & Bubble Gel Packs

Strapmark offers a complete range of cold chain solutions allowing you to ship temperature sensitive goods all over the country. This range includes Thermal Carton Liners (offering an alternative to the traditional polystyrene box), Thermal Bubble Wrap, Insulated bags, Gel Ice Packs and Bubble Gel Ice Packs.

Our range is manufactured in Australia to ensure the highest possible standards. This range is utilised by cheese, chocolate, dairy and meat producers as well as the seafood industry.

Our Thermal bags or Thermal carton liners are made from an insulating metalised bubble material that are designed specifically to insulate food or heat sensitive goods whilst in transport. They also have an easy tear peel and seal liner for ease of use. Manufactured utilising up to 15% recycled content and 100% recyclable at one of 1700+ RedCycle bins located at supermarkets across Australia. 

In addition we can offer a complete analysis of your cold chain requirements and can design a solution that suits your budget. We can also supply sample product so you can test the temperature control for your specific application.

Gel Packs

cold chain solutions

Strapmark supply high quality, non toxic gel packs (ice packs) to a range of food producers in Tasmania. These are used extensively for the transport of gourmet products such as cheese and cultured butters.

Brochure Cold Chain Solutions


Code Description Unit
FGG0300GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 300g Carton of 44
FGG0500GNBS003 GP PROCHILL 500g Carton of 28
FGG700GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 700g Carton of 18
FGG750GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 750g Carton of 16
FGG1000GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 1Kg Carton of 14
FGG1250GNBS001 GP PROCHILL 1.25 Kg Carton of 12

Bubble Gel Packs

bubble gel packs

Bubble gel packs (bubble ice packs) are utilised for the most delicate produce which needs to be kept at the ideal temperature, whilst also being protected from damage. Suitable for crayfish and abalone.

Brochure Cold Chain Solutions

Code Description Unit
FGG0300GPBUS001 GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 300g Carton of 32
FGG0500GBUS001 GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 500g Carton of 20
FGG1000GBUS001 GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1Kg Carton of 12
FGG1250GBUS001 GP PROCHILL BUBBLE 1.25Kg Carton of 10

Thermal Carton Liners & Thermal Bubble

thermal carton liners

Insulated carton liners make sending perishable goods easy. These are suitable for ready made meals, seafood, cheese and pharmaceuticals. They are available in a range of sizes. Custom sizing is available for larger quantities.

Made from 100% recyclable LDPE 4 EnviroTherm insulated liners and bags are suitable for disposal at 1800+ supermarkets nation wide and can be remilled into a variety of other products.


Brochure Thermal Liners

Code Description Unit
FGLB10MM3BS050 Thermal Bag 480mm (OP) x 90mm Flap+Tape Carton of 85
FGPB10MM3BS035 Thermal Bag Liner 650mm (OP) x 615mm Carton of 150
FGPB10MM3BS080 Thermal Liner 750rmm (OP) x 585mm + 100mm Flap Carton of 150

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