Bench Top Scales

Bench Scales are available in a range of capacities and readabilities. Our bench scales offer sturdy stainless steel weighing pans and durable plastic housing for withstanding rigorous use in commercial warehouse environments.

Bench scales are compact, versatile weighing machines that include a display, keypad and platform in self-contained housing. They are often used in inventory control and stocktaking procedures and are designed to fit on worktops and benches. Bench scales often include a wide variety of weighing functions including parts counting, check weighing and percentage weighing for making inventory control, packing processes and quality control procedures more manageable.

Our bench scales are tried and tested products that can be used to check weigh or count anything from small screws and large parts in manufacturing and engineering to packaged food products. Several of our bench scale models feature NMI trade approved approvals for buying and selling goods by weight; whilst price computing scales are used for direct selling, bench scales can be used by business owners to certify the weight of finished products such as packaged food products and cosmetics that have a weight specified on the product label.

Bench Scales

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