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Eco Friendly Packaging

Strapmark’s eco range of packaging includes kraft paper, paper tape, water activated tape machines, bio fill, protective kraft paper and much more.

Many of Strapmark’s products are made from recycled or re milled plastics, which means products that in the past would have ended up in landfill are being re used in new products.

As a packaging company we are acutely aware of the adverse affects excess packaging has on our environment. Whilst not all product ranges have viable alternatives currently available, we are always looking for innovative eco friendly products to expand our range.

This is a range that we will frequently be adding to as new products become available.

Kraft Protective Paper

Kraft Protective Wrap

Our Kraft Protective Paper is a sustainable alternative to traditional bubble wrap. 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The unique honeycomb cell shape creates an interlocking web that cushions your bottles, jars, ceramics or other delicate items.

The Protective Kraft Paper dispenser is also available, this applies tension to the protective paper and expands the protective honeycomb cells to make packing faster and easier.

Code Description Unit
PKP400 400mm x 425m Protective Kraft Paper Roll
PKP DISPENSER Protective Kraft Paper Dispenser Single Unit

Bio Fill

bio fill packaging

Bio Fill is a 100% biodegradable loose fill packaging material that fills empty spaces within a box or outer shell. It is made from Australian corn and potato starch. When immersed in water it dissolves with no harmful residue, and can be disposed of with rubbish as it completely breaks down. Bio Fill is also compostable and can be used on your garden – it can actually improve soil structure!

Code Description Unit
BIOFILL100 Void Biofill 400L Bag

Kraft Paper

kraft paper roll kp900

Strapmark’s natural brown kraft paper has endless applications. It can be used for wrapping, laying between items to prevent scratching, carton fill and craft applications. We stock a range of roll widths and thicknesses (gsm).

Code Description Unit
AFK0500450X450 450mm x 50gsm Kraft Paper Roll 450m
AFK0500750X450 750mm x 50gsm Kraft Paper Roll 450m
AFK0500600X450 600mm x 50gsm Kraft Paper Roll 450m
AFK0800600X300 600mm x 80gsm Kraft Paper Roll 300m
AFK0600900X350 900mm x 60gsm Kraft Paper Roll 350m
AFK0800450X300 450mm x 80gsm Kraft Paper Roll 300m
AFK0800900X300 900mm x 80gsm Kraft Paper Roll 300m
AFK0800750X300 760mm x 80gsm Kraft Paper Roll 300m

Compostable & Biodegradable Mailing Satchels

bio bag compostable mailer

Strapmark stock a range 100% Biodegradable and Compostable Mailing Satchels. These are available in a variety of sizes. These are graded as Home Compostable.

Code Description Unit
36301 265mm x 380mm Eco Compostable Satchel Box 500
36303 310mm x 405mm Eco Compostable Satchel Box 500
36304 350mm x 480mm Eco Compostable Satchel Box 500
36305 450mm x 600mm Eco Compostable Satchel Box 200

Paper Based Tapes

fragile printed tape

Strapmark stock a range of eco friendly paper based tapes. This is a great alternative to regular packaging tape.

Pre printed “Fragile” paper tape is also available.

Code Description Unit
SM2330 48mm x 50m Kraft Paper Tape Box 36
SY3900 48mm x 50m Kraft Fragile Tape RED ON BROWN Box 36

Opus Mini Machine

Opus Mini is an environmentally friendly variable speed system that can produce up to 86 biodegradable cushions of air or 17 meters ( of 200 x 200 cushions) per minute, which can then be used as void fill in packaging applications.

Opus Bio biodegradable cushions are compact and lightweight, while being robust enough for the most demanding packaging applications.

The biodegradable film is available in rolls of 500m and in various diameters. This reduces plastic pollution and can be reused or recycled into the existing plastic waste stream as well as degrading within 12-24 months of being disposed of leaving no toxic residues


Code Description Unit

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